I am so pleased to announce that the album is finally FINISHED!! :) We couldn't be more thrilled. But it would not have been possible without the help of many generous, important people, whom I'd like to take a moment to name here. This special page is dedicated specifically to those who supported our Kickstarter campaign in October 2012. 


THANK YOU!!!! :) 


Rob & Margaret Ash

Jack Ostrovsky

Tom & Lana Schlapkohl

Sidni Markovich

Scott & Michelle Carey

Sheryl Ash

David & Bobbi Jenkins

Stan Gibson

Sandy & Dick Bunn

Connie & Jim Alderson

Steve Solberg

Kat Calvosa

Jason Ash

Harry & Suzanne Smith

Marie Reno Manchester

William Love

Kathleen Morris

Deb Whitcomb

 Jeff & Wanda Buer

Ellen & Terry

Cindy & Bill Fleischacker

Brent & Jody Zanto

Phil & Lori Hodgin

Bob & Arta

Mary Ellen Doll

Sas Morone

Laura & Colin Yoder

Larry & Sharon Witt

Doug & Tracy Kimball

Vanessa McMurray

Rich & Cathy Ash

Janet Quatela

the Burke girls

Roger & Julie Kuhle


....as well as:


Eric Goepel, Cynthia Harrington, David Ash, Sarah Siler, Sarah Occhipinti, Nikolai Sears, Chelsea Kearns, Michelle Cattin, Bobby Bear, Perry Smith, Rebecca Hegeman, Jennifer Janney, Mike Wood, Tom Scash, Daniel J. Wilson, Rowena Almonte-Baldonado, Tom Hajduk, Stephen Wong, Miro Bazac, Jill Link, Jacki Keck, Jose Martinez, Jeffrey Lotz, Jason Smith, Christopher Nolte, Albana Z, Bruce Frana, Kyle Davis, Becca Gastfriend, Susan Li, Gene Hummel, Nick Molenda, Emily Intersimone, Ken & Marni McDuff, Kristi Marshall, Vicki, Cameron Peace, Norm Rosenblatt, Ariel Lapidus, Alex Sherman-Ash, Wesley Rogers, Javier Arau, Kelland Lindsey, Kathryn Stachitus, Susan Johnston



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